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A third of Brits use green energy
Almost a third of Britons use green electricity, according to a survey. While 70 per cent of Britons are buying electricity from traditional energy providers, 30 per cent are seeking out energy tariffs that reduce their carbon emissions. Tell me more...

'Know facts' about boilers

13 August 2009

Homeowners are being urged to research the different types of boilers on offer before proceeding to invest in one.

According to boilerguide.com, people often make decisions regarding boilers and central heating without being properly informed.

"Homeowners must always bear in mind the needs of their home when looking into purchasing a new boiler," said David Holmes, founder of the website.

"A simple bit of research is valuable in ensuring that a homeowner gets the maximum benefit of a central heating system from their house."

Due to increasing competition in the trading market and ongoing advancements in technology there are now many different varieties of boilers.

Boilerguide also warns that shoppers are taking their chances with the cheapest option rather than which with boiler is best for their home.

Purchasing the right boiler for your home, however, can slash carbon emissions from your central heating system by up to 30 per cent, according to the Centre for Alternative Technology.