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A third of Brits use green energy
Almost a third of Britons use green electricity, according to a survey. While 70 per cent of Britons are buying electricity from traditional energy providers, 30 per cent are seeking out energy tariffs that reduce their carbon emissions. Tell me more...

Sunny prospects.

Every day the sun sends us 10,000 times more energy than the world's population consumes – free of charge, environmentally friendly and for another 4.5 billion years.

With a photovoltaic system you can take advantage of the almost infinite power of the sun.

By generating regenerative energy with photovoltaic modules, you make your personal contribution to the protection of the environment and climate and still get a considerable renumeration.

At redblue energy we offer you a tailor-made concept as early as the planning phase, which we will implement for immediate use in accordance with your requirements – perfectly coordinated and all from a single source.

By the way, we only use modules that have been "made in Germany". From our viewpoint and experience an absolute guarantee for quality in the photovoltaics industry.

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