A third of Brits use green energy
Almost a third of Britons use green electricity, according to a survey. While 70 per cent of Britons are buying electricity from traditional energy providers, 30 per cent are seeking out energy tariffs that reduce their carbon emissions. Tell me more...

redblue energy – a new company with many years of experience.

If you want to be the master of tomorrow’s domestic engineering, you will need two qualities. Firstly, many years of experience in heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and electrical engineering; and secondly, an unbridled curiosity and innovative strength to rise with an open and responsible mind to the huge challenge of energy efficiency.

redblue energy is a young company that builds upon the substantial expertise and many years of experience of Gebr. Kämpf GmbH and the extensive collaboration with the HUF HAUS Group . In order to shape the future of housing technology in high-quality pre-fabricated houses, HUF HAUS and Gebr. Kämpf GmbH have entered into a joint venture, thus making housing technology even more innovative, customer-focused and at the same time more international. Unaffected by the joint venture, Gebr Kämpf GmbH will continue to be active in the market as an independent and highly efficient player.

With the entrepreneurial wise step of founding redblue energy, a unique company has been established that perfectly combines experience and innovative strength – for the benefit of our customers and in mind of steadily increasing energy efficiency.